1. Apply Sunscreen:- HOLY is played generally in open area. In such cases, the heat of the sun damages your skin. The UV rays from the sun dry your skin and darken the complexion. Apply at least SPF 30+ sunscreen cream about 30min before playing HOLY. 

2. Redness ad itchiness:- Now mainly synthetic colors are used in holi, and in these types of colors, mica and glass fibers are present to shine the colors. But these colors get deep into the skin and damage your skin. Your skin has redness and allergy. To protect your skin to avoid these synthetic colors and used herbal or organic pigments.

3. Moisturize your skin:- When your skin is dry, then these colors affect more to your skin and a lot of damage to your skin as well your hair. Before playing holi applies to moisturize your skin and body with moisturizer. So that these rough and chemical colors don’t affect the glow of your skin. 

4. Acne-Prone skin:- Colors are unlikely to enter the pores as they are too small. However, holi colors can irritate acne and acne-prone skin. Use green or organic tones, and after playing, use a mild acne cleanser to remove colors from the pores and prevent your skin. 

5. Do not use facials:- You even don’t know facials also sometimes have a terrible effect on your skincare. Because if you use facials, bleaching, waxing, threading, etc. before the week of holi, these treatments open the pores of your Skin and synthetic colors more damages to your skin rather than others.  

6. Give Attention to Ears and lips:- Please don’t ignore these areas of your skin because these are very soft and crack easily. These areas are exposed all the time, and colors is difficult to come off too. Coat these areas with a little petroleum jelly to keep them smooth and moisturized all the time and preventing colors from setting in. 

 1. Cleanse Your Skin:- Do not use soap to remove holi color from your skin because it may cause more damage to the surface. First, use the clean cold water to remove the color but do not scrub your skin too hard, and if anything left, then a thorough wash your skin and then Use “ALNA SEA MINERAL CLEANSER.” 

2. Purifying scrub:- scrub your face with ALNA SEA MINERAL PURIFYING SCRUB, which contains grain that is suitable for blackheads on their skin. It gives you an anti-septic effect and reduces the blemishes and unclog the pores and mild surfactant gently clean the pores from deep inside, leaving a softly fresh and healthy young skin. 

3. Massage your skin:- holi colors get deep into the pores and get affected the skin. ALNA SEA MINERAL MASSAGE CREAM has an anti-aging effect and adding nourishes to he skin, deep skin conditioning and softness to the surface. 

4. Skin tightening gel:- due to synthetic holi colors, your skin is dry, dull, and loosen. So used ALNA SEA MINERAL SKIN TIGHTENING GEL,” which gives you relaxation and cooling effect. It soaks out the sediment-end oil, dirt, color, pollution from the pores. Keeping it matt dry, thereby making skin smoother and shinier. 

5. Face pack:- Holi colors give damage to the skin cells and blemishes to the surface. So use the ALNA SEA MINERAL FACEPACK,” which improves skin texture, repairs the injured cells, which is turn lighten the melanin content and restores the exact match of the skin pigmentation. 


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