Alna Group of companies has been working for the last 20 years in the field of Health Care and Medicine. our company focuses on bringing back ancient science of ayurveda

Alna group of companies

our company and our brands work to provide great Products 

What we do?

our company has more than 600+ product range that all have been approved and are natural and organic all our products focus to provide high value and bring a better lifestyle for our consumers.

Our Brands

Brands that are owned and created by Alna Group of Companies, our company provides great value products from skin care to health care products 

Our Manufacturing

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Alna Biotech focuses to provide great quality products that are tested and bring in high results

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Halal Certificate


Skin Care range

We offer 500+ Products in skin care range such as facewash, creams, facial kits and many more. 

Ayurvedic health care products

We have a range of ayurvedic health care products such as Capsules, tablets, ointments

Home Care products

We have a home care range that focuses on providing products such as sanitizers etc.

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